GRP stands for 'Glassfibre Reinforced Plastics', also referred to as 'Fibreglass', Composite Plastics. It is an amazingly versatile material, and one that is little understood in industry, but which has truly immense potential across a wide spectrum of applications. GRP Fibreglass Roofing is now our best selling flat roofing system due to its 20 year insurance backed guarantee it offers great value for money. So please do let me quote for you GRP Fibreglass Flat Roofing. 


Using GRP we create a great out door space. We can do all the strengthening of the roof and add railings and many other safety features We can offer all types of finishes from decking, slate chipping, slabs or AstroTurf. I will of course go though the many options with you ensuring saftey and a great finish.


GRP is perfect for these high traffic walkways and with a non slip slate finish it will look great too.  Big or small we can give you the strength and durability on walk ways of snug balconies. 


Adding insulation is a must in some cases due to building regulations. we will of course advise you on our visit and co though all the options and prices to ensure we keep to the rules and keep your home snug.


Adding light to a roof can create more space and turn the room into a place to spend more time. there are many options and fittings now days and ill be only to happy to go through all the options at my free visit.


In some cases flashing suck as lead are not appropriate, in such case GRP can be a perfect way to finish in to abutment walls or a different covering. With GRP you can build up layers leaving no seems perfect for differcault areas. All will come with a 10 year insurance backed guarantee.